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by Kaitlin

Skill Level: Intermediate (201)

Even if you’re not going full Cosmo cover (and please, I beg you, don’t), knowing some basic retouching is an integral part of digital photography. The reality of digital sensors is that they have a tendency to highlight imperfections on the skin—and High Definition means everything, including flaws. Knowing some basic skin retouching is the perfect way to make your subject look a little less digital, and also make them feel more confident about their appearance.

I work as a freelance retoucher, and while we typically use specific preset actions to do lots of tiny steps to get the exact look the client wants, basic Photoshop is all you need to get away with the level of retouching most ‘normal’ people will desire. Read on!

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the reason this generation is failing is because we’re not motivated enough to make money. all the people on the dollar bills are dead. they’re not relevant and teens just can’t connect. we need money with memes and beyonce on it

it’s so weird to think that all of you have, like, corporeal bodies.

…I also have a corporeal body, just to clarify.