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Finally, I’ve made some fandom blends! I got the prototypes in the mail today and tweaked the ratios a bit, and I think they’re worthy of going public now.

Disney President, Vanellope’s, is a black tea with candy cane, vanilla, and cinnamon flavoring.

Wreck It!, Ralph’s (obviously), includes vanilla oolong, gingerbread black tea, and berries.

They go for Adagio’s standard price of $10 for 3oz, or you can buy them both at a 20% discount (although the “shipping” terminology is kind of unfortunate for this particular pair). If you’ve never ordered from Adagio before and you’re interested, you should know that they offer $5 discounts for members to give to first-time customers! I think you can only use each one once (someone who has given them out before please correct me if I’m wrong) so drop me a line if you want one.

(Felix and Calhoun are coming next!)

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